Treebranch is On the Air Videos

(1) December 29, 1996 - First Episode!

First Episode! Mik and John in the studio: Online Resources for the New York City environmentalist (see also links page), how to properly dispose of a Christmas Tree, and a preview of O2, a network of designers and people from related fields using design to foster an ecologically sustainable human presence on earth. Synopsis.

(2) January 5, 1997 - Dave Lutz of Neighborhood Open Space Coalition

Mik and Anne interview Dave Lutz of Neighborhood Open Space Coalition and their succeeding efforts at helping create the west side bike path and other greenways and open spaces for New Yorkers. Conversation revolved around urban gardens and greenways.

(3) January 12, 1997 - Richard Miller of SUSNET

John interviews Richard Miller of SUSNET, a network for a sustainable New York. Spoke about sustainable living and displayed samples of recycled building materials.